Sustainability Statement

We believe in a greener planet and try to do our bit to help things along. In an ever-changing world that’s being directly impacted by climate change and worsening air pollution levels, the importance of working collaboratively as a global community has never been more crucial.

At Growing Revolution, we understand there’s a long way to go in reversing the effects of global warming and continuing to make a positive difference to air pollution levels in our cities and towns. But together, we can make a real change and contribute to a more sustainable future for future generations.

Our mission is to reconnect people with nature, and we believe we can achieve this by creating vertical gardens for people to do exactly that.

We take ordinary UK household waste and transform it into beautiful vertical gardens across the country and beyond. We made sure our products are made from 100% recycled plastic, manufactured in Norfolk (UK) and are built to last.

But we do understand that people move on and may not always have a space for your PlantBox vertical garden. If that’s ever the case, we really want you to gift it onto someone else to enjoy. I mean, have you ever met anyone who says they don’t like plants?

Our packaging is made in Cambridgeshire (UK) from 100% recycled papers and you will never see any single-use plastics around our products as we’ll be using potato starch bags instead.

The Journey doesn’t end there, all purchases contribute towards the PlantBox Trust, a charity set up by us helping people both in the UK and around the world to reconnect with nature through supporting clean air, clean water and better nutrition initiatives from Chichester to Kinshasa.

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PlantBox Journey

PlantBox was featured in the Guangzou Eco City Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show - winner of Best in Show 2021!