Butterfly on a leaf on a PlantBox wall

Bees, butterflies, insects, bats and birds are just some of the wildlife that will be attracted to your PlantBox vertical garden (outdoors only we hope!) With green spaces in our cities and towns rapidly declining, the importance of growing our own greenery has never been greater.

Here at Growing Revolution, we want to help people reconnect with nature.

  • It’s time to grow up! – 68% of the world population are projected to live in urban areas by 2050. That’s a lot of extra housing, schools, offices, hospitals and shopping centres that will be needed. But what will that mean for green spaces on a global level? PlantBox allows people to get the same vital benefits that green spaces provide, but without taking up the space which is at such a premium, and will be even more so by 2050.
  • Sustaining wildlife and plant species – No green spaces = loss of natural habitats = significant reduction in pollinators and wildlife. Unimaginable right? You can pack your PlantBox garden with varied plants and flowers that our pollinators and wildlife desperately need to thrive.

  • How green is your view? – The steady decline of green and natural spaces in built-up areas is something you can easily change. Use PlantBox to cover any boring vertical surface: from your garden fence, to the neighbour’s garage wall. The luscious, greenery and colourful flowers will give you lots of positive benefits as well as the wildlife. 


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