Sarcococca confusa

Compact, evergreen shrub with deep glossy green leaves and tiny, fragrant ivory-white flowers in Winter and Spring. A core plant to ensure your living wall maintains a lush green aesthetic throughout the seasons.

Polystichum tsus-simense

Korean rock fern is a dainty holly fern, small in stature with glossy green leaves that contract with black scales and leaf bases. A truly hardly evergreen fern that provides interest and texture in your living wall all year round.

Lonicera (lonicera nitida)

A popular substitute for box hedging plants for its natural ability to be trimmed into a variety of shapes and angles when fully established. Also insusceptible to ‘Box blight’. This is a dense and fast-growing evergreen.

Liriope muscari

Ideal for adding colour to your living wall in Autumn. Both adaptable and tough, this plant will stem mauve coloured flowers providing the wall with beautiful focal point for some of the year, and evergreen throughout the rest of the year.

Vinca minor

A shade tolerant plant that stems glossy, green leaves that are studded with bright blue or mauve flowers in Spring. A good addition to any PlantBox living wall.


A beautiful evergreen shrub with cup-shaped, white flowers with pale yellow centres from late Spring into Summer. This plant is an asset to the garden for its shiny, silvery foliage. It is happiest in a hot, sunny location where it can contract with blues and mauves.

Hedera helix (shamrock or green wonder)

Commonly known as ‘English ivy’, this fast-growing evergreen plant will provide your living wall with plenty of coverage and a perfect contrast to your feature or spot plants.

Heuchera ‘palace purple’

A popular plant in most gardens, known best for its distinctive foliage and ability to contrast perfectly with any evergreen. For spots of dark purple throughout your living wall, this plant is a truly must-have addition.

Erysimum ‘bowles mauve’

Beautiful and floriferous, this woody-stemmed perennial will bear masses of mauve flowers on tall spires for months on end. For best results, plant in sun or partial shade. A welcome addition to any living wall containing lots of evergreen planting.

Euphorbia ‘wulfenii’

A fast growing, upright and compact evergreen shrub will provide your living wall with a look of the Mediterranean. With its distinctive and architectural leaf and flower – any PlantBox wall would be dramatically changed by this sun loving plant.

Fatsia ‘japonica’

Should you be going for a more ‘jungle’ theme with your PlantBox living wall, then the Fatsia is a must-have. With fast-growing distinctive, sculptural leaves – this plant will thrive throughout the Summer and left in full sun, or partial shade.

PlantBox is featured in the Guangzou Eco City Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show - winner of Best in Show 2021!