How does it work?

Step 1

Choose your panels and order online.

Measure the vertical space you have. Then select the number of PlantBox panels you need. Each stackable trough measures 60cm wide x 20cm high x 15cm deep.

For smaller walls, you may wish to water by hand. Or if you have a larger wall, or prefer an even lower level of maintenance, then we would recommend an irrigation stack. Please see PlantBox+ for our base tank model.

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Step 2

Assemble and install your panels.

Check the downloadable instruction guides provided.

Step 3

Start Planting!

Once your PlantBox troughs are stacked and fixed in position, it’s time to get planting! Start by using a peat-free multi-use compost to fill in around your plants. We recommend using 1LTR (13cm) pot size plants to give maximum coverage and instant impact.

Recommended Plants

Step 4

Time to fill up and go weeks between watering!

Once fully planted, unclip the filter, shaking off any loose soil or debris. Now it’s time to  fill the top trough up with water watch the water cascade down as each trough fills up.

A cleverly simple wicking layer will give the plants what they need to THRIVE!

Once the bottom trough reads ‘Full’, you’re done!

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