Growing Ideas

Planting for Wildlife in Autumn

November 4, 2021 Tom Luck

It’s that time of year again. Flowers and trees are throwing off their summer coats for a more seasonal, slimmed-down look, and wildlife is hunkering down for a long snooze. Yet not all of nature is quieting down for the colder months. Buff-tailed bumblebee queens, among many other super-important insects, will be using this time […]

Try These Easy To Achieve Autumn 2021 Living Wall Displays

October 14, 2021 Tom Luck

The air is getting crisper, the nights longer, but there is still plenty of planting joy to be had in your garden or green space this autumn. Autumn is the perfect time to plant almost anything, from hardy plants to evergreens—the cooler, more constant temperatures help plants grow new roots much better. To help spark […]

The 10 Best Shade-happy Plants for a North-facing Garden

August 27, 2021 Tom Luck

If you have a north-facing garden that spends long stretches of the day in the shade then you will know the struggle of getting plants to thrive. Don’t be left in the dark with these top 10 shade-happy planting picks! A north-facing garden is, as the name suggests, a garden that faces north. Since we’re […]

Get The Evergreen Look: How to Create a Living Wall with a Full, Lush Green Look

August 3, 2021 Tom Luck

Evergreen living walls offer a full, lush green look to every season and are a popular choice among gardeners and non-gardeners alike. It’s easy to see why. Evergreen living walls not only look incredible, they are easy to achieve and maintain, and work equally well in the home as they do outdoors. To get the […]

The Ten Best Sun-loving Plants for a South-facing Garden

July 2, 2021 Tom Luck

Whether you have a south-facing garden or are looking to liven up your summer display, we have selected ten of the best sun-loving plants to choose from. A south-facing garden is, as the name suggests, a garden that faces south. This includes south-westerly and south-easterly and, since we’re also talking about vertical gardens, can refer […]

Wildlife friendly planting

April 15, 2020 Matt Lindsay

Plants for pollinators It’s not just bees who play a role in pollinating  – butterflies, moths and hoverflies (which look a bit like wasps) all deserve a bit of flowery food! The key is variety. Plant up your PlantBox with plants that flower early in March or April as well as some that flower later […]

Indoor jungle

March 25, 2020 Matt Lindsay

Create a lush, green, indoor jungle – at home! There’s no need to limit your PlantBox gardening to outdoors – PlantBox works really well for indoor plants too. During the Covid-19 lockdown, we need all the greenery that we can get, and there is something very calming about lush green foliage and the dappled shade […]

Spring planting

March 23, 2020 Matt Lindsay

There’s nothing like colourful flowers growing in your garden to make you feel like Spring is finally here! The bright yellow of daffodils is instant cheerfulness, but it becomes truly inspiring when a skilled gardener grows companion plants like an artist’s palette. Try a mix of dianthus, saxifrage and primula, which all have similar sized […]

Grow your own veg

March 23, 2020 Matt Lindsay

Grow your own food Why not cultivate an edible harvest of vegetables, herbs and fruits in your PlantBox living wall? Lettuce, radishes, strawberries, hanging basket tomatoes and chillies will all do well in a sunny spot. Tumbling Tom is a popular variety of tomatoes for hanging baskets that will be very happy in a PlantBox […]

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