Get The Evergreen Look: How to Create a Living Wall with a Full, Lush Green Look

August 3, 2021 Tom Luck

Evergreen living walls offer a full, lush green look to every season and are a popular choice among gardeners and non-gardeners alike. It’s easy to see why. Evergreen living walls not only look incredible, they are easy to achieve and maintain, and work equally well in the home as they do outdoors.

To get the full, lush green look we recommend lots of leafy evergreen plants. Aside from staying green throughout the year, the greater surface area will give an added ‘fullness’ to the display. 

Here are two options to inspire your evergreen living wall, including the types of plants you will need to create an indoor and outdoor display, and how the location may alter your planting choices. Happy planting!

Outdoor Living Wall

This evergreen living wall is packed with Asplenium (spleenworts), Heuchera (Coral bells) and Hedra Helix (the common ivy). Asplenium is a short, compact fern with leaves that look like long, vibrant green tongues. When planted vertically in groups, the leaves create interest with a unique textured effect.

Heucheras are perfect for adding that much-needed splash of colour (the options are almost endless), while the common ivy offers multiple planting options: You can let it trail over the sides of the PlantBox, keep it well pruned, or allow it to climb if planted against a wall. This last option is ideal if you want your display to really take over your garden!

These types of plants are particularly well suited to a north-facing living wall (gardens and other outdoor spaces that tend to be shady for most of the day). However, Heuchera and the common ivy are also suitable for south-facing gardens.

Bergenia (Elephant’s ears) is another great choice for plants in shady locations, as are ferns like Polystichum (Shield ferns) and Dryopteris (Wood fern). These will all add to that lush green look, while the ferns are ideal for those wanting to grow an urban jungle.

For living walls in a south-facing location, you will want lots of sun-loving plants. Lonicera ‘May Green’ can spread to create great swathes of greenery and give a natural, rugged look—perfect if you are wanting a gorgeous green backdrop.

Blue fescue and Slender sweet flag ‘Ogon’ are two other must-haves. Their grass-like clumps will add striking shape and colour to any evergreen display. You can read more about all three of these plants in The Ten Best Sun-loving Plants for a South-facing Garden.

Indoor Living Wall

A variety of houseplants are used in this evergreen indoor living wall. The leaves of the prayer plant and arrowhead plant infuse colour with their respective hot pink veins and sharp variegated green. 

For the display’s main colour, several species of begonia have been selected, offering those subtle blushes and big rosettes of bright red (Masoniana, Benitochiba, Red Robin, Escargot). These stand out best against a vibrant green backdrop, which the Boston fern and parlour palm are perfect for.

How PlantBox Helps

Creating and looking after an evergreen living wall couldn’t be easier. PlantBox is the stackable, eco-friendly vertical garden that packs large amounts of plants into even the smallest of spaces. PlantBox also makes caring for your vertical garden easy: Go weeks between watering and know exactly when and how much to top up. Made from 100% recycled materials, PlantBox is designed to best fit your home and is ideal for balconies, roof gardens, courtyards, conservatories and is even suitable indoors. 1% of PlantBox sales is pledged to 1% For The Planet, a global organisation that supports non-profits who are tackling our most pressing environmental issues. Join the growing revolution for a greener future! Find out more.


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