Courtyard Gardens

April 2, 2020 Matt Lindsay

When Steven and Harvey bought their new apartment in London’s trendy east end, they were surprised to learn the developer had included a living wall in the plans. “It was great” said Steve, “they hadn’t settled on a design at that stage so Harvey and I were able to get the design we both wanted.  I wanted edible plants and herbs and Harvey just wanted greenery” he added.

There’s no doubt the vertical garden makes a statement and this lush, stylish addition has transformed what would otherwise be just a dull brick and concrete internal patio into a much admired living space. Music video producer Harvey said, “We think it’s great, to us it’s just a room without a roof and just as much a part of our home as the space inside – an extra room if you like.”

‘It’s really easy to maintain and if we want to change the plants around for a bit for added colour or different texture, it’s really easy to swap plants around – almost like Lego bricks, just pop them in’.

When asked what visitors think of the wall Harvey confessed; ‘We are a bit like proud parents showing off their child, we are loving all the great comments’.

‘Having moved from the outskirts to urban centre, we still wanted to be able to appreciate nature and greenery and our fantastic wall allows us to do that. It’s really easy to keep looking nice and gives us pleasure every day…we think everyone should have one!’

PlantBox was featured in the Guangzou Eco City Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show - winner of Best in Show 2021!