Grow your own veg

March 23, 2020 Matt Lindsay

Grow your own food

Why not cultivate an edible harvest of vegetables, herbs and fruits in your PlantBox living wall? Lettuce, radishes, strawberries, hanging basket tomatoes and chillies will all do well in a sunny spot. Tumbling Tom is a popular variety of tomatoes for hanging baskets that will be very happy in a PlantBox trough – especially because you won’t need to worry about keeping them watered. Every one of our planting troughs has a cleverly simple water reservoir and wicking system so you can sit back and watch your veg grow! Read more about watering.

Or you could create your own vertical herb garden, growing parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme growing in a PlantBox living wall.

And don’t forget the herbs that didn’t make the song like oregano and basil! All those delicious Mediterranean herbs will grow well, even in our cooler summers.


Plants will generally use more water while they are busy growing fruits and vegetables, but with PlantBox they are much less likely to dry out. When you are growing veg in normal pots it is important to water them every day so they don’t dry out. No fear of that with PlantBox! Each trough has a unique built-in water reservoir that means you don’t have to water as often. Just check the water level indicator once or twice a week and top up when levels get low to make sure the plants always have enough water.

PlantBox was featured in the Guangzou Eco City Garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show - winner of Best in Show 2021!