Accessible gardening

March 23, 2020 Matt Lindsay

“I love having the plants at the right height!”

This was the delighted response of Rachael, who felt unable to get properly hands-on in their family garden, because it’s too awkward from her wheelchair. One PlantBox delivery later, and Rachael has been able to plant it up herself – with a little help (or was it interference?!) from her husband Andy, an art teacher at a local secondary school.

Gardening presents physical difficulties for many people – painful knees or back can make it hard to bend over. So getting plants in the ground or the weeds out isn’t at all easy. Suggestions to sit on the edge of a raised bed makes me worry that people will put their backs out, because twisting round isn’t ideal either. We really hope that PlantBox gives people their gardening joy back! You can attach the troughs to a wall so that they are all at the perfect height for your needs.

Do you know anyone who would love to get their garden going again? Buy PlantBox today and give the gift of growing!

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